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What is the Earn Wallet? The Earn wallet is a service where you put your crypto to work by lending it out to the yield protocol that acts on both DeFi and CeFi services. While DeFi is short for decentralized finance, mainly protocols that are built upon blockchains, CeFi is short for centralized finance and are corporations that mainly are acting as cryptocurrency lenders and borrowers. The biggest difference between DeFi and CeFi is that DeFi is built upon blockchains and CeFi is a central actor or company governing and handling the services.

Save in crypto while earning interest By using the Earn wallet, you can store your crypto safely at the same time as you will earn more. That is what we call, a good deal! (Right now we only support Bitcoin, but more currencies are coming.)

How can I start to use my Earn Wallet? In order to start using your Earn Wallet, you will need to own crypto in the Quickbit App first and then you can deposit them into Earn Wallet after accepting the terms & conditions for the service.

Can the interest/APY rate be changed and if yes why? First and foremost, what is APY? APY stands for annual percentage yield and is the interest you will get compounded over one year.

You may have noticed that the interest rate (APY) has changed and you wonder why. The interest rate is variable and the reason for that is market fluctuation, if the demand for crypto is high, the interest tends to go up and vice versa. We are earning interest depending on what our yield partners are earning and they are dependent on the demand for cryptocurrency. More clearly the interest that they are getting is dependent on the market demand, the higher the demand and lower the supply, the higher the interest will be and vice versa.

Security/Risk The yield partners we are working with have extensive safety integration and the capital is dynamically locked, so you, the customer can whenever you want, withdraw your funds. However, due to our inability to govern the crypto that is stored by the third party, YOUR CAPITAL IS AT RISK.

Earnings payout every week You will receive a pay out to your Earn wallet every week. If you withdraw your funds before the payout day, the interest calculation will be stopped at the time the withdrawal occurs. However, you will still get a payout for the days that you stored your funds, between the last payout day and the coming.

Deposit or withdraw whenever you want Deposit the amount you feel is right for you, we do not have any minimum or maximum amount to deposit. However, the interest will start accruing 24 hours after depositing. Your crypto is not locked and you can withdraw your funds whenever you want.

Completely for free We don’t charge any transaction fees or service fee, the service is completely for free. You can deposit or withdraw any amount anytime without hassles or concerns.

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